Date: September 14, 2024
Arrival/Sign in: 7:30 AM (please be on time)
Race Start Time: 8:30 AM
Registration Fee: $55 per runner

Sign up at Brookfield Classic | Co-Movement Gym

Race Info: Located in beautiful Brookfield New York, deep in the woods of the Charles E Baker State Forest, participants will complete one of three races, the 5k,15k or the 50k Ultra Marathon.

Race Details 5k: New for 2024 is our scenic 5k trail run around Woodland Pond. New to trail running or enjoy the 5k distance, this is the event for you.

Race Details 15k: This race traverses a challenging 15k loop through a mix of truck trails and horse trails. This race is family friendly and can be walked or ran. Think of it as a day hike or a competitive run, you choose.

Race Details 50k Ultra Marathon: This race traverses 50k through truck and horse trails covering 4,600+ feet of vertical gain. The course is broken into 3 loops allowing participants to refuel each lap or in the event they no longer choose to go on, are able to safely quit. At the end of each loop, you must ensure a race volunteer has marked you down for completing your loop.
This race has a 9-hour cut off.

Trail Conditions: These vary but we recommend trail running shoes or hiking boots (for walkers). A change of shoes and socks is not a bad idea

Food: Ray Brothers Barbecue will be serving their delicious food throughout the day to racers, volunteers and spectators. 11:30am – 3:30pm