Cup Standings

2019 Cup Scores

Rock City Runners308.235

ClubScore Team Totals
Kuyahoora Kickers:367.2210
Utica Roadrunners:334.5611
Roman Runners:301.85 8
Toe Path Trekkers:  48.27 4
 MV Hill Striders:239.18 4
Season Totals After 2 of 7 Races 2019:

Utica Roadrunners:  11
Kuyahoora Kickers:  10
Roman Runners:         8
Rock City Runners:     5
MV Hill Striders:         4
Toe Path Trekkers:      4

Runners belonging to multiple clubs must declare their primary club at the first race entered and only score for that club for the season.

The scoring formula can be accessed at

Select the race distance (in the “road” box), plug in the age, time and sex, then click the gray “age-grade” box. A percentage will be calculated. (To give you an idea of what these numbers represent, 60%+ is considered a local class runner; 70%+ is regional class; 80%+ is national class; 90%+ is world class).

The top 5 calculated percentages from each team will count toward the total for each race. Incomplete teams (between 1 and 4 runners) will still count toward race points. Club points awarded after totaling the race percentages is 6-5-4-3-2-1. The points for the season finale (Smoky Hollow Half) will be doubled to 12-10-8-6-4-2. The team with the most cumulative points at the end of the season will be the champion.

The formula uses actual ages, not age group ranges like “M30-34”, F35-39”, etc. The formula is based on world bests for every age and race distance for men and women